"Do you want to sell a sinkhole house? We'll Buy your House As Is!"




  • 2 Br 2 Bath 900 sq ft +/- 1 car garage
  • CB Construction
  • Year Built 1972
  • Repaired sinkhole
  • Central Air-conditioning
  • Corner lot


GROUND PENETRATING RADAR : A geophysical method for mapping underground interfaces by reflecting radar frequency waves off of the interfaces and recording their reflections at the ground surface. Ground penetrating radar is often used to detect shallow soil conditions that might represent sinkhole activity. It cannot be used to identify sinkhole activity without additional testing.




Apex Acquisitions & Holdings, LLC. is an investment firm. We are CA$H buyers who are interested in purchasing homes in Beacon Woods and surrounding areas. We will give you a FAIR offer "on the spot".

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