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1718 Silverwood Drive; Brandon, Florida 33510

  • 3 Br 2 Bath 1,585 sq ft +/- 2 car garage
  • CB Construction
  • Year Built 1973
  • Sinkhole damaged!
  • Central Air-conditioning
  • Fresh water pond

According to the SDII Global Corporation engineering report claim No. 59-C960-256 Project No. 3010544 done on February 11, 2005, this property has been identified as having geological sinkhole activity. It is recommended an improvement of subsurface soils by a compaction grouting program around the entire perimeter of the residence to mitigate the effects of sinkhole activity. It is their professional opinion that a minimum of twenty(20) grout injection points spaced approximately 10 feet on center will be needed around the perimeter of the residential structure. The average depth of grouting, based on the field boring logs is likely to vary from approximately 75 to 90 feet. Typical compaction grout mix with a slump between 4 to 6 inches should be used, pumped at slow enough rates such that the grout will densify and not merely hydro-fracture the soil. The elevation of the structure should be monitered continuously during the grouting process to minimize unnecessary upward movement. The total quantity of grout required can vary based on site conditions, but is likely to be between 275 and 350 cubic yards (cy). Sinkhole remediation should only be performed by licensed, bonded, and insured contractors and the remediations must be performed to the recommendations of this engineering report claim no. 59-C960-256 Project No. 3010544.

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