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Sold $72,000 April 21, 2005!

8203 Split Rail Lane; Hudson, Florida 34667

  • 3 Br 2 Bath 1,535 sq ft +/-
  • CB Construction
  • Year Built 1974
  • Sinkhole damaged!
  • Central Air-conditioning
  • Great rental
According to the geotechnical engineering report claim No. 9595 HSA Project No. 50-05-8890-00 done by HSA Engineers & Scientists on November 4, 2003, this property has been identified as having sinkhole activity. The boring data indicates loose, surficial sandy soils. It is the opinion of HSA that the majority of the widespread, scattered, minor exterior wall cracking distress observed in the walls of the home can be attributed to the long-term creep settlement (particle reorientation) of the loose sandy soils. These sandy soils can settle with time, causing minor distress in the structure as well as concrete slabs supported at grade. This condition is relatively common and has been found to cause minor distress at other homes in the general area. The loose condition of the sands is related to their depositional history and not to sinkhole activity. The HSA report recommends that a program of subsurface grouting be undertaken as soon as possible with the intent of sealing the porous conditions over the limestone that led to the formation of the sinkhole conditions, as well as to stabilize the loosened soils above the limestone. Preliminarily, it is their opinion that the grouting program consist of installation of grout pipes around the perimeter of the home. Some of the injection pipes should be angled under the residence to direct the flow of the grout beneath it. It is recommended that 250 to 385 cubic yards of grout be pumped under pressure into the subsurface to improve the weak soil conditions and reduce the potential for future erosion. The grout should be pumped under pressure at the eighteen (18) recommended grout injection points. Sinkhole remediation should only be performed by licensed, bonded, and insured contractors and the remediations must be performed to the recommendations of this HSA engineering report claim no. 9595 HSA Project No. 50-05-8890-00.



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